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Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Bari University
(Bari, Apulia, Italy)

Bari is linked to major Italian cities via railways and major roads. It has its own international airport, a railway station serving major intercity lines, and a well-maintained ferry port.

Travel by Air

Bari is easily accessible by road or by air, being a mere 10 km / 6 miles away from Bari Airport. Bari Airport is located in Apulia and is a frequent landing spot for summer charter planes coming from Germany and UK. Travellers can fly to Milan or Rome to reach the city. Flights coming in from the major Italian cities can also pass by Bari.

Bari can be reached by road through the A14 Adriatic Motorway. The city is also linked to Tirana, with the SP73 connecting Bari Airport to the city proper. Roads in Bari are well signposted and can easily be followed with a good road map.

Car Hire and Road Travel

The area around Bari is gorgeous, whether you travel inland or to the coast. A ride along the coastline provides breathtaking ocean vistas from its beautiful cliffs, and if you drive inland, there are great options for horseback riding, treks in the forests, and other outdoor activities.

It is not difficult to rent a car in Bari as the city represents a number of international rental firms. Better is to book car hire online before you arrive in the city. This way you avoid the disappointment of not having a suitable, available vehicle. Booking online is the best option for securing a competitive price provided here for significant firms like National, Hertz and Budget.

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Car Parking

Bari Airport offers short- and long-term parking spaces for visitors. These can be used after paying a fee. Most of the bigger city hotels also have parking spaces for visitors who have brought their own vehicles.

Travel by Trains and Rail Travel

The city is equipped with an impressive train service, and is found on the major Bologna-Lecce line.
Bari train stations offer buses, taxis, and shuttles that can bring passengers directly to their rented accommodation and hotels. Bari also has its own port with ferry services going to Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Albania, and Croatia.

Travel by Buses and Coach Travel

Buses in Bari can take travellers to the airport, or train stations. These buses have scheduled daily services that drive to nearby Italian and European cities. Airport bus shuttles normally leave every hour and drop off travellers at specific drop off points.

Travel by Taxis

Taxis are located outside the city's airports, train stations, and ports. These taxis can take travellers into the heart of Bari and to nearby tourist destinations.

Travel by Ferry

The Port of Bari is one of the major ports in Italy. It has a lot of amenities, making travelling by ferries easy for both tourists and locals. The port is equipped with a tourist information office, numerous shops, restaurants, and banks. Some of the leading ferry operators in Bari are Ventouris Ferries Company, Superfast Ferries, and Minoan Lines.

Bari Port Information - Harbour ferries, travel and information about Bari port.

Bari University

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