University of Bari

University Colleges and Facilities
(Bari, Apulia, Italy)

The university is divided into 12 faculties. Each faculty has its own specialty and offers courses on agriculture, economics, pharmacy, law, foreign literatures and languages, philosophy, arts, surgery and medicine, biotechnologies, veterinary medicine, mathematics, educational science, physics, natural sciences, and political science.

The university houses eight central and 46 departmental libraries that house over 7,250 newspapers and 1,500,000 printed volumes. Each library focuses on a specific specialty and can be accessed by students and faculty both online and on-site.

The university also has a chapel. The chapel offers a sanctuary for students who wish to reflect and pray about their personal concerns. Open to university staff and students, the chapel is located in the Ateneo court and houses Jesuit friars.

For local and international students who are having trouble with learning and speaking Italian, the university has a linguistic centre. This centre has competent staff who help students become better in the language by providing modules, manuals, and other interactive linguistic activities.

Bari University

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