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About Bari, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Bari, Apulia, Italy)

Bari is the capital of the Apulia region in Italy. Located on the Adriatic sea, Bari is one of the two economic centres south of Italy. The city is famous for its port and universities, and is home to thousands of young local and international university students. The city has a population of around a million people living in its urban and metro centres.

Bari is divided into four parts, which depict the city's modern and traditional side. This port city is home to two contemporary harbours in the north and the modern section of Murattiano to the south. Eastern and western Bari is composed of old and new suburbs, where residences are found.

What to do in Bari

Bari is a diverse Italian city. This port city is home to several museums and churches that depict the city's rich history. Travellers can also visit Bari's bars and nightclubs to get a semblance of Italian nightlife. For those who love the outdoors, the city also boasts of clear beaches which are frequented by its sun-loving locals.

The Muratianno section of Bari is the city's shopping district. Here, travellers can buy souvenir items and local products while relishing the breathtaking view of the Adriatic sea. Travellers can also get lost in the city's intricately-woven roads and streets, and eat in hard-to-find local pizzerias.

Tourist Attractions

For travelers who want to immerse themselves in the city' history, Bari has several museums and churches that were built during the city's developing maritime and mercantile periods. The city offers a wealth of restaurants and bars where visitors can sample the local cheeses, olives, and wine.
Outdoor enthusiasts can take a drive along the Bari coastline to get an excellent view of the city's beaches and cliffs. The city also offers horseback riding areas and trekking trails for adventurous travelers.

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